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Frozen fish: the importance of the correct freezing process

Tonno congelato

Globalization has inexorably influenced the habits of Italians, also in terms of nutrition. In recent decades, the consumption of raw fish has become increasingly widespread, especially through Japanese sushi. More and more Italians are buying fish, such as tuna, to prepare these raw dishes at home. But health risks, if you don't pay attention to the type of fish you are buying, can also be important. The traceability of the marketed product being purchased must be checked, since if it has been frozen with wrong processes, the final product may be compromised.

The Marabisal company, which operates in the frozen wholesalers market, has been a leader for more than 40 years in the import-export sector of frozen fish, and with passion and dedication, it has always set itself the goal of obtaining and maintaining a perfect quality of the final product.

To obtain the highest quality, it is necessary to work and freeze the fish caught by thermal shock, quickly; in this way all the nutrients and organoleptic substances present in fish are preserved. This process has a unique importance, since through this attention, bacterial and parasitic infections are averted, and frozen fish retains its maximum quality.

Bringing a product of this type to your table ensures excellent quality and freshness of the dishes, moreover, the fish is already clean and ready to be cooked, this considerably reduces the preparation time.

Marabisal is attentive to food safety, offering the consumer the certainty of a unique, controlled and quality product.